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What is a Sponsored Agent?

Like the name suggests, Sponsored Agents are agents or independent brokers operating in the factoring industry that are aligned with a particular factor that acts as their “sponsor” for training and support from IACFB.  Typically, Sponsored Agents will work exclusively with their sponsor who has subsidized their entry into the IACFB training program.

The Sponsored Agents Program at IACFB is a unique and highly affordable program for those individuals just getting started and entering the industry part-time due to current job limitations.  Some participants may have the intent of becoming full time freelance consultants in the future.  Sponsored Agents will typically be home business entrepreneurs active in their community through clubs and organizations and also be very active on social media.  Additionally, the Sponsored Agents Program is perfect for tax preparers, bookkeepers, Quickbooks ProAdvisors, and other accounting professionals seeking to expand their services and better serve their clientele.

Lead - Generation Only

Unlike career-oriented industry freelance factoring consultants, Sponsored Agents are strictly “lead generators”.  Leads generated through networking and social media “qualify” themselves using one of the special Sponsored Agent’s Landing Pages (provided) where a visiting business owner will either request an offer of additional information or will request a conference call with one of the factor’s Business Development Officers.  Although they are certainly free to do so, Sponsored Agents are NOT expected to engage in expensive direct marketing campaigns, but will simply develop and refer periodic qualified leads to their sponsoring factor by being active in their community, engaging in face-to-face networking when opportunities present themselves, engaging others on various social media platforms, and most often, simply finding ways to be in the right place at the right time and armed with the necessary factoring knowledge (provided by the program) to educate a small business owner about the benefits of invoice factoring.

Why Become a Sponsored Agent?

Why should you become a sponsored agent?  Simply put, because referring business clients to a factoring can be an exceptionally lucrative, under-the-radar home business opportunity where virtually anyone, and we do mean anyone, can easily develop a solid stream of passive secondary income.   Consider…

  • referral fees paid by factors to their agents are near legendary.  The are based on a percentage of the fees the factor earns on the referral, are paid monthly, and are paid for the life of the referred account…often 3 years, 5 years, 7 years or even longer.
  • if you have an existing office or home office, as a Sponsored Agent, you will have little or no business entry expense.
  • no licensing is required to be an independent agent other than normal business licenses required in your city / county
  • complete training is provided for you and the cost of training is subsidized by your sponsoring factor.  In fact, in many cases, our factors will provide your training with absolutely no cost to you.

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