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What Is a Sponsored Agent?

In today’s challenging economy, tens of thousands of prospective entrepreneurs are actively seeking the perfect business opportunity to launch in their spare time from the comforts of a home office.  For entrepreneurs, the COVID pandemic has taught us many lessons but one of the most important lessons is that many Americans, in fact probably most Americans, now realize they can actually earn a supplemental income from home with some creativity and hard work.   And the fact many Americans find that one job is simply no longer enough to cover the monthly bills and expenses, supplemental income from a successful home business can provide a much needed financial cushion along with peace of mind.   And when it comes to generating supplemental income, few home business opportunities can compare with brokering and consulting in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries.  Add in the fact that what was once difficult (and expensive) training to acquire is no longer so with the development of the comprehensive and highly affordable educational programs developed by IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers), this industry and it’s opportunities are now in the forefront of any list of professional home-based businesses that almost anyone can launch and become successful in.  And…one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enter the independent business development side of the factoring industry is through the exceptionally popular Sponsored Agents Program at IACFB.

The IACFB Sponsored Agents Co-Broker Program:  A Home Based Business Opportunity for Industry Referrers

Though IACFB is primarily known for it’s industry standard and more career-oriented Freelance Independent Broker Training Program, it is their Sponsored Agents Program for Referral Associates that attracts the most interest of those “mobile creatives” seeking a very flexible, part-time business opportunity they can operate from their home.  Sponsored Agents is a program designed for part-time lead-generating referrers and is perfect for those active on social media and who enjoy attending the occasional local networking event, club meeting, or simply an evening out with friends.  Though some who opt for IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program do engage heavily in direct marketing, the vast majority focus 100% of the time they devote to this business utilizing social media, networking, and normal relationship building.   This introductory broker startup program by IACFB features:

  • Comprehensive training (e-learning)
  • low cost professionally designed factoring broker landing pages, complete websites, or WordPress blog installation
  • access to highly experienced industry business development officers for deal assistance
  • very attractive competitive standard commission rates
  • periodic sales contests and commission bonuses

Sponsored Agent vs. Commercial Finance Consultant

Unlike a career-oriented commercial finance consultant (CFC) that will operate full time as a professional business consultant, Sponsored Agents tend to be strictly individuals that operate part time in a more relaxed atmosphere. Unlike their CFC brethren that tend to market aggressively (and expensively) for clients, Sponsored Agents are primarily just “lead generators” that through the daily routines of their normal lifestyle, uncover leads for factoring that are subsequently turned over to their sponsor’s business development officer (BDO) for closing.  In fact, the relationship between a factor’s BDO and agents can be so well developed that agents have absolutely zero paperwork to submit.  Leads are simply turned over by setting up a conference call between BDO, agent, and the prospective client.  Sponsored Agents are lead generators and simply…

  • Need to spend the time to learn the factoring product and the types of businesses that may need it
  • Position themselves so they will be in the right place, at the right time, and armed with adequate factoring knowledge to generate a lead
  • Set up a conference call with their sponsor’s BDO to close the deal

Unless you are truly a recluse or hermit, anyone, and we do mean anyone, can earn substantial residual income as a factor’s sponsored agent simply by continuing to interact with others as they normally would and…

  • Spend a few days getting the necessary training
  • Invest in a few business cards
  • Set up a website, landing page, or blog (optional)

And a perfect example of just how lucrative this business opportunity can be, is the Story of Martha.

Program Costs

Another highly attractive feature of learning more about our industry so you can participate and earn referral commissions is the cost.  Unlike many business opportunities or ventures, getting involved in the factoring industry as an independent referrer requires almost no capital and that is especially true with the training provided by IACFB.  What will your training here at IACFB cost?  Well, that depends on your chosen sponsor but typically under $100.  And if you chose to set up a landing page or blog to assist in your lead-generation efforts, even those will be provided as part of your training package, requiring only a small monthly website hosting fee of less than $10.  In fact, for most, the only real expense involved in the business will be any additional organizations or clubs you may join so you can interact with others.  Successfully launching a business as a Sponsored Agent means networking and interacting with others.  The more people you know and build relationships with, the more leads will come your way and, of course, the more commission-generating clients you can refer to your factor.

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