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While most would think all factors and lenders would accept clients who deal primarily with federal, state, and local governments due to their typically excellent creditworthiness, that is not the case.  Financing clients whose B2G companies work with federal, state, and local governments can present their own challenges and risks when attempting to insure assignment and validity of an invoice.  Additional risks are present with many governmental entities that are truly at risk of insolvency.  Many of our lenders, however, seek out prospective clients that are good candidates with a history of dealing with the government.  We will, most often need to submit funding package to a lender or a factor specializing in government receivables.

Types of Government Contractors We Have Funded

Fixed Price

Cost Reimbursement

Time and Materials


Indefinite Delivery &
Quantrity Contracts

Typical Funding Required

The types of government contractors are extensive and when it comes to funding, one lender will not fit all. On the surface, factoring or lending  on government related receivables, for example, might seem like a perfect factoring opportunity.  Providing goods and service to government entities can be risky.  In many states, for example, an assignment is only valid if authorized by a specific officer of a particular state agency and there is little commonality in requirements from state to state.  Fortunately, our factors and lenders are experts in wading through the difficulties and red tape that is common in this niche area.  Our factors and lenders have a very expansive knowledge of the various federal and state contract laws regarding assignments and lending to all types of contractors.

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