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Are you ready to start building a residual, monthly income and books of life-changing business with IACFB?  If so, there has never been a better time (or opportunity) than RIGHT NOW to enter our exciting industry in our current challenging and inflationary economy.

As everyone in business today knows, banks aren’t lending.  Small business owners are becoming more and more in need of help and assistance locating alternatives to meet growth and cash flow capital needs.  Worldwide, factoring (commercial accounts receivable factoring) is one of the most utilized methods of meeting the capital needs of B2B small business entrepreneurs when traditional bank loans are not available.  

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Network REFERRERS are the fastest growing segement at IACFB. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can earn monthly income as an IACFB Network Referrer with our free training and marketing support.  Become an IACFB Referrer Now!

Network AGENTS are the “core” of IACFB’s Network and are our SQL (Sales Quality Lead) generating component of every IACFB Partnership SuperSite websiteIACFB Network Agents take the business of Referrer to anew level with increased social network activity, a WordPress web page, and more.  Become an IACFB Agent.  

Network SPONSORED AGENTS are often transitional.  Due to their success as an Agent generating leads through their web page, they are “Sponsored” by IACFB or an individual factor earning higher commssion rates , Academy training, a professional WordPress website, and more  Learn how to become an IACFB Sponsored Agent. 

NEW Partnership
SuperSite Website Openings
and Schedule

Below are the current and scheduled openings of new Partnership SuperSite websites and their geographic operating area.  New IACFB members located in a new listed location and  interested in operating as an AGENT on one of the sites below, should REGISTER, enter the program, and begin training through Boot Camp’s Quick Start training immediately.  

SuperSite Schedule
June 2024 (open)

SuperSite Schedule
June2024 (scheduled)

How to Get Started

How to Get Started as a Referrer, Agent, or Sponsored Agent at IACFB

Learning how to participate in our exciting industry is easy at IACFB and is as easy as…

  1. Choose your Program Path (Referrer, Agent, or Sponsored Agent)
  2. Go through one of our “Easy to Learn” training programs.
  3. Start referring “Prospects and Leads” to IACFB and begin earning.  

There is no traditional selling with the Partners Network at IACFB.  You simply generate the lead (SQL) and we do the rest.  Its that easy!