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Becoming an IACFB Referrer

For those seeking to begin earning lucrative residual commission income with ZERO out-or-pocket cost, the IACFB Factoring Referrer Program is created just for you. 

The Referrer Program is a home-based business for “Content Creators” and typically on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (X).  The necessary training for IACFB Referrers is provided completely without cost through our Boot Camp which is published on IACFB’s Factoring Broker Magazine

Referrer Program Requirements

A Completely FREE Program With Only Three (3) Minimum Requirements

The “Referrer Program” is the PERFECT SIDE GIG for anyone who is active on social media.  For those entrepreneurs that already operate an online business as a notary, bookkeeper, mortgage note broker, drop shipper, content creator, Ebay seller, etc. that involves you periodically using social media, IACFB’s Referral Program is the perfect addon for additional monthly income. 

Referrers send SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) through a short “Leads Form” IACFB staff follow up on your lead, answer any questions your lead may have, handle the application, follow up with a financing proposal.  If your lead finances the business through IACFB…YOU GET PAID!

As an IACFB Referrer,  social media is likely where 90% of your periodic marketing will occur.  Commercial factoring is a B2B business  Over 75% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers use social media to make decisions, and over 50% specifically use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions.

All training for our Referrers is provided through out Factoring Broker Magazine which includes a special area just for you called “Boot Camp”.  You will have “Login Credentials” as well as identical credentials for here at IACFB.NET

You have a Referrers Support Area right here at  There is a short SQL Lead swubmission form for you to submit with your prospect.  Once submitted, we will follow up with your prospect within 24 hours.

Once you submit an SQL Lead, you are listed as the “Broker of Record” on that lead.  You remain the Broker of Record on that lead for 12 months from the date of submission.  Once we contact your lead, we keep you in the loop through email while we attempt to close your prospect, create the deal, and begin funding.

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