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Requirements to Become a
Sponsored Agent

Becoming a Sponsored Agent

Getting involved in factoring as a broker and earning passive residual monthly income income as an IACFB referrer or sponsored agent is very easy and, of course, without cost.  We do, however, have certain requirements to maintain your position as part of the program and this is you must peridically submit some level of SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) to maintain your position.   Remeber, IACFB closes all of your deals for you as a Referrer or Sponsored Agent.  You must, however. peridically forward leads for use to work.  We are typically looking at at least one (1) lead a month and only have five (5) important minimum requirements.

Program Requirements

Only Five (5) Minimum Requirements

You must have a cell phone and you must be able to answer that phone when contacted

As a Referrer or Sponsored Agent, social media is likely where 90% of your periodic marketing will occur.  Commercial factoring is a B2B business  Over 75% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers use social media to make decisions, and over 50% specifically use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions

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As a Referrer or Sponsored Agent, IACFB gauges your worked product with the number of connections who acquire on LinkedIn.  We will be expecting a minimum of 50-100 new connections every month.

In addition to adding connections, you are expected to particiapate on the IACFB’s Brokers Group on LinkedIn.  This helps to both your network as well as IACFB’s.

We highly recommend that you join and particiapate in one or two local clubs or organizations in your community.  In many cases, this does require some expense so it is at your option.  There are dozens of articles on the IACFB Magazine to give you some ideas and suggestions.