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Depending on your program selection, training for members of the Network is provided by a combination of…

  • Booklets
  • Guides
  • Book Camp Articles and Case Studies
  • Academy Online Training Access

To get started, simply sign up as a member of IACFB and join the Network bu accessing “Boot Camp” at IACFB Magazine.  IACFB Membership and Boot Camp is totally FREE and as an IACFB Referrer you can begin earning your share of our industry’s near-legendary residual life-of-account commission income.  If you are not yet an IACFB Member with Boot Camp log in credentials, complete the form at left

Program Training Booklets and Guides

Referrer Boot Camp
Training FREE

For those just learning about the exciting opportunities in factoring as a home-based business, nothing can match IACFB’s Magazine and Boot Camp.  Factoring and the Alternative Commercial Finance Industry features near-legendary  earnings potential available by simply  referring business owners in need of capital to our factors and lenders.  Learn how to do it and participate.  Join our network of Referrers, Agents, and Sponsored Agents. Start with FREE IACFB Membership  and Boot Camp training at IACFB Magazine.

NEW! Agent
Training Booklet

The NEW training booklet is provided to those entering the network as Agents and enjoying a Partnership WordPress Web Page.  This short booklet provides the necessary training for the Factoring Proficiency Exam and your Agent marketing credentials on the Directory of American Factors and Lenders. A download email will be sent to you when accepted as an Agent. 

Sponsored Agent
Training Guide

Training for all Sponsored Agents now pr IACFB’s 5-Star rated Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring.  With nearly 1000 copies of this extensive guide sold on Amazon, this publlication sets the bar for comprehensive training for factoring brokers and others learning more about this industry and how to begin to build books of business that will provide you with exceptionally attractive monthly residual income streams.  This in=depth guide is necessary for Network Certification Exam.